Runway Recap: Bravern Fashion Week 2018

Last weekend on September 14th and 15th, I had the pleasure of attending the first annual fashion week at The Bravern (a luxury shopping center) in Bellevue, WA. With brands like Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, the list goes on… I knew we were in for an uber fabulous and glamorous weekend of events. Neiman Marcus hosted the main attraction, The Art of Fashion Presentation runway show, which featured fall and winter styles for men and women, showcasing the lasted trends in designer fashion.


One big trend that is coming back (you either love it or you hate it) is animal prints!! Personally, I’m pretty excited about this one - I love a good cheetah print, especially mixing it in with other neutral colors for fall. We saw many cheetah looks, and even a few zebra prints which is not as common but quite fun! Some outerwear trends that are back for a second round this year in 2018 are sherpa and puffer jackets, especially the metallic ones. Now, if you follow me on instagram then you know that I LOVE sherpa. Teddy coats were incredibly popular last year, and I am SO glad they are coming back. I love being cozy and warm and wrapped up in a big fuzzy jacket LOL, who doesn’t?! Not to mention it is such a cool fabric that adds so much texture to your look, and kind of plays off the vintage aviation trend if you can find a cool bomber jacket with a sherpa collar.


Puffer jackets are back as well, specifically the metallic and shiny ones. Last year I got a killer one from Target for only $30, which I am so excited to break out of my closet once the weather gets a bit chillier. I think the puffer jackets are playing a lot on the 80s trends that are coming back into mainstream fashion, and they’re great because they really spice up any neutral outfit!

Of course there were PLENTY of neutrals and earth tones for fall, as you’d expect from any fall/winter show, but as mentioned above, I was glad to see some throwback 70s, 80s and 90s fashion. Large aviator glasses, especially clear ones for the guys, fanny packs (or bumbags as some places are calling them now), and LOTS of sequins and glitter. If you didn't catch my #ootn for the opening night of fashion week at The Bravern, I actually wore some sequined black pants which I got about 2 years ago and have barely worn since. I didn’t expect to see so much of it on the runway the next night, but I was very glad to!! I absolutely LOVE sequins and think it’s so fun, especially for the holidays and can add a very glamorous 70s disco vibe to your look.


All in all, #fashionweek hosted by Neiman Marcus at The Bravern was an incredible experience. I learned that fall and winter 2018 will be all about the statement pieces spicing up neutral and earth toned looks. Cheetah and other animal prints, vintage accessories and bags, sequins and glitter can all add that little something extra to any look. Even plaid was seen on occasion as an accent pattern on items such as bags and shoes! Sherpa and metallic puffy jackets will keep you warm by adding trendy vintage vibes and are perfect statement pieces. I LOVE that lately fashion has been all about the throwbacks and bringing old trends back. I think more and more we are in an age where playing around with crazy accessories, fabrics, and fun colors is becoming more common, and honestly makes dressing up a lot more fun!!




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