Real vs. Steal: The ULTIMATE Designer Dupe Guide

I am a big fan of treating yourself when it comes to a lot of things - eating out, a night to the movies, travel, etc. But when it comes to luxury fashion, I’ve always LOVED the look designer pieces but have simply never been able to afford them, or justify spending that much money on a piece of clothing or accessory... In fact, when it comes to shopping for clothes, I often wait for my favorite online retailers to go on major sale until I finally purchase the items I’ve saved in my cart. Oh yes, I am that frugal 😆 but it’s always worth it you guys!! Every little effort at saving money makes a huge difference, and I actually LOVE searching for deals and finding great items at a great price.

Tangent aside, below I have found you some of my favorite designer dupes all at reasonable prices! Now, when it comes to dupes (of any sorts), there is a fine-line between look-alike and counterfeit... I am NOT a lawyer, so I understandably can’t explain it very well to you but in my mind, a dupe is simply just a look-alike. It could be a similar design, similar material, or even the same material and same quality. The only difference is that it is NOT at all claiming to be the designer product or brand. When something claims to be Versace, but is only $100…. THAT my friends is a counterfeit product. With all that said, I have listed below some of my favorite dupes for popular designer products that I think you guys would love and would be perfect for fall and winter!! 🍂🍁 Feel free to shop the links, pin the photos to save for later, or comment below some of your favorite dupes! I’d love to know!! 💛

Cartier vs. Saks off 5th

Real vs Steal - Cartier-2.png

Valentino vs. miss pap

Real vs. Steal - Valentino Bag.png

Chloé vs. DSW

Real vs Steal - Chloe Boots.png

Gucci vs. Amazon

Real vs Steal - Gucci Bag.png

Gucci vs. Steve Madden

Real vs Steal - Gucci Sneakers.png

Chanel vs. Khol’s

Real vs Steal - Chanel bag.png

Cult Gaia vs. Amazon

Real vs Steal - Gaia Bag.png

Valentino vs. Amazon

Real vs Steal - Valentino Shoes.png

Chloe vs. Amazon

Real vs Steal - Faye Bag small.png

Chloe vs. Amazon

Real vs Steal Faye bag.png

Chloe vs. Aliexpress

Real vs Steal - Chloe Pixie.png

Celine vs. Amazon

Real vs Steal - Celine Bag.png

Disclaimer: Some links do provide me with commission with which I use to invest back into my blog/Instagram and provide more content for you guys! Monitization helps me keep this business alive and thriving, so thank you so much for the support if you do purchase through these links! Also, feel free to find me on Liketoknow.It to shop my #ootds and current favorites, or Instagram to keep up with my day-to-day. 💕 Happy shopping!



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