Dong Thap Noodles

Proud home of "The World's Largest Pho", Dong Thap Noodles sits inconspicuously hidden on the edge of Seattle's international district on the side of a busy road.  The first time I went here was with my friend Kelly, after she had told me she saw it featured on Buzzfeed. I was sold - I knew I had to try it! 

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Walking in, Dong Thap seems like a quiet family-owned restaurant, not much décor and florescent lighting. As delicious as "The World's Largest Pho" bowl sounds, I was not ready to have a full-blown sodium food coma later that night, so I opted for the small chicken pho. We did however see a few tables ordering the "Super Bowl", but they had 4+ people sharing them! 

Slowly, as 1:00 lunchtime began to creep upon us, the place started to completely fill! Soon, they were on a 20-30 minute wait for a table.  I guess you could say they have quite a loyal following, and a LOT of business after the Buzzfeed article and attention from local newspapers. "Seattle's Super Bowl: Not football, but pho!" they were calling it. 

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The chicken pho was incredible, as expected.  I like to add Sriracha and chili paste to mine to turn the broth red - I LOVE spicy food.  From someone who went to the University of Washington for four years, and lived and ate on The Ave regularly, I have tried a lot of pho places.  This one was by far one of the best! Perfectly cooked chicken and tasty broth, great noodles, friendly staff, and incredibly cheap!! What more could you ask for?! Besides chipotle, Dong Thap has become of my new favorites if I want a yummy, filling, cheap, and fast meal!  

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I have been back here two more times since my first visit and it never ceases to please my pho cravings. If you are in the Seattle area, or even passing through and wanting to visit the international district, I HIGHLY recommend this place!! It is seriously pho-nomenal. 

DONG THAP NOODLES  303 12th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144 (b/t Main St & Jackson St), International District

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