Fall Earth Tones

As of the past few years in my early twenties, I've noticed my wardrobe moving further and further away from bold and bright colors.  It seems like all I'm wearing these days are black, cream, beige, blush, and other neutral colors that are easily paired all together.  This fall I have noticed many rusty reds, deep warm browns, and mustard yellows trending online and in social media. These colors fall perfectly somewhere in between neutral and bold, and I have been loving it!! 



For me, when I think of fall and winter, one of the most popular (and my favorite) colors that comes to mind is burgundy. I think this year's rusty red is an awesome addition to the burgundy family. Last weekend on a spontaneous luncheon with a friend, I paired this very affordable Forever 21 tunic dress with all black to really show off the color.

02884F37-FE84-4FB4-A4E6-FEF4CA9DC915 2.jpg

This black oversized denim jacket, accompanied by black tights, patent leather boots, and lace-trimmed black shorts underneath bring together a very comfy and casual Seattle look. The shorts were honestly super cute and the perfect detail I was looking for for a tunic like this which wears a little short on me. The jacket and boots added the grungy Seattle vibe I was going for while the tights and rose gold watch gave the look a bit of a girly feel. 

Overall, I have been loving the rusty reds and earth tones for fall! Currently on the lookout for more t-shirt dresses and sweater dresses to wear because this one was honestly so comfy and easy to style, it could go with anything!! 

xoxo,  Colleen

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