Summer Skincare Essentials

hello beautiful babes!! as much as I love fall, winter, and spring and all of the things those seasons bring (ayyye Dr. Seuss), I think we can ALL agree that summertime holds a special place in our hearts.  I have fond memories of family vacations, long mountainous hikes, days off from school spent lounging around the house and the sunny backyard, trips to the pool, and pretty much every overnight horse camp within a 75 mile radius. 

as my summers get older and I'm in my mid-20s now, I'm starting to see the effects of all those years having fun in the sun - and baking away as a teenager. don't get me wrong, I've always been interested in skincare from a young age, and was honestly maybe a little bit too obsessed, but it's all about PREVENTION, right? 

here are my 2017 go-to Summer Skincare Essentials to keep your skin looking bronzed, hydrated, and happy this year... 

- Moisturizer -

no matter what the season, y o u  n e e d  t o moisturize moisturize moisturize!! your body and face! it will keep your skin happy and well balanced, preventing stress on your skin and over drying which can cause wrinkles, acne, and itchiness. for the summer, you want to stick with something light during days when you are NOT in the sun, and heavy moisture on days you ARE in the sun. keeping your skin balanced for its specific needs on a daily basis is crucial. lately, i've been loving the Bath & Body Works Hydrating Ultra Shea Body Cream.  ok ok, I did get these as a Buy-1-Get-1 sale....BBW will always and forever suck me in, but they really are good!! 

I love having a moisturizer that is scented, almost like a perfume lotion.  I've actually barely been wearing my perfumes at all the past month, because honestly this stuff does the trick! it's perfectly balanced and will subtly release scent throughout the day.  sometimes a strong vivid perfume is overpowering and a bit off-putting when it's hot and sticky outside.  your body temp rises and so does the intensity of the fragrance! so I love having these two bad boys to keep my skin happy, hydrated, and smelling nice.  just be careful when you're on vacation, or a hike, because these WILL attract mosquitos at night!

- SPF -

we all have memories of our moms vigorously spraying/applying sunscreen all over us every 10 minutes at the pool. sometimes I felt like I was a greasy little frosted cake, covered in a light layer of white slime.  you know what though, the moms had it right (as they always do).  I do this now, as a 25 year old - reapply my sunscreen way more than probably necessary while I'm out in the sun, and YES you can still get a tan by doing so! 

I always start my summers off with SPF 30 or higher. I find this usually gives me a nice base the first few days I'm going to be out in the sun. from then on, I'll start to lower the SPF. for me, this works great, but it's not for everyone remember!! I find that as long as you reapply an exorbitant amount of times, you will get a great tan!  I am not telling you to sit out and bake, BUT if you are in the sun and want a bit of color, you need to be smart about it, use your SPFs intentionally, and r e a p p l y!  

I use Hawaiian Tropic - they are the best! they have a coconut tropical scent, and I find they give me the best tan, while keeping my skin hydrated and looking great.

- Firming! -

we all know the benefits of a good serum, or a mask for your face - products that do the most bang in one tiny container. serums are concentrated and make a huge difference to the texture and plumpness of your skin, while masks draw out impurities and tighten your skin, among other things. what about your body though?  

the skin on your body is JUST as important as your face in my opinion (though it does not receive nearly as much selfie time lol).  there are plenty of firming and cellulite reducing moisturizers on the market - the Jergens Firming lotions are some of my favorite, although lately I've been loving the coveted Bum Bum Cream. you may have heard of it, or seen it as Sephora - if not, you're in for a treat!! 

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the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is my lifesaver when it comes to firming my skin, cellulite, or other areas that need some tone.  I use this product year round, but in the summer I find it makes a huge difference, especially when I am in a bikini or shorts all day. it smells so warm and tropical, with hints of coconut, you'll be daydreaming of white sandy beaches all day long.  it has a slight shimmer, but honestly it looks incredible, especially when you have a slight tan.  

this stuff does it all. I usually apply it to my bum, abs, neck and chest and it really will tighten and tone everything! 

whether you are stuck at home all summer, on a beach, or traveling the world, we all deserve to feel beautiful and confident in our own skin.  taking care of your skin is so important, and having the right products can really make a huge difference!  summertime is when your skin is screaming for help the most, especially if you are in the sun a lot, and with the right care you can look, feel, and LIVE YOU BEST SELF.

xoxo, Colleen

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