If you're all about brunch, you'll be all about this place! In a quieter area of Capitol Hill, Tallulah's Neighborhood Café serves up a mighty fine breakfast and lunch menu, with a woodsy hipster vibe echoing their equally as aesthetic dishes. 

via Instagram @itscolleenk

via Instagram @itscolleenk

Being welcomed in by their iconic (and very instagrammable) "hello" street art, I already had a good feeling about this place. Walking inside, they have a pretty huge espresso bar with rustic lighting and art all over the walls.  As I got to my table, I promptly ordered a latté and scoured the menu for a few minutes.  Of course I had to go with good old Egg's Benedict - my favorite!! I added some avocado toast on the side, and my boyfriend ordered the eggs and hash bowl with greens. 

All the items were fresh, wholesome, had great ingredients, and JUST what I was craving for brunch. 

With friendly staff, great atmosphere, incredible food and coffee, this place had it all! Almost every angle of the place was just about waiting for a photoshoot. There were plants everywhere, beautifully tiled floors, art all over the walls, string lights on the patio, rustic tables and hanging light bulbs - it was gorgeous inside.  Mind you, it was also completely full of people when we walked in, so it is definitely a busy place!! Full of neighborhood locals, and families enjoying brunch on a Sunday early afternoon, it had a very homey feel and friendly atmosphere.


I will definitely be back Tallulah's!! You've captured my heart and stomach for sure. PS, if any of you guys go there, or have been there, let me know on instagram!! If you have any requests on my next food adventure let me know as well. I'm always down to try new places and new food!

xoxo, Colleen

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