Trends: Velvet in Various Colors

Well I have to say, this is one trend that I thought would never come back into style... 


I remember wearing velvet leggings as a kid on the playground, and a navy blue velvet dress I wore to multiple Christmas parties under the age of 10. Velvet was definitely a thing of the 90s, offering so much cozy stretchy clothing, who knew it would once again rise into popularity?! 


via Instagram @itscolleenk

I have actually been LOVING the velvet trend lately and am secretly super excited for it this coming winter. Throughout the late summer and fall, we've seen velvet bodysuits, tops, pants, even shoes! I have yet to get my hands (or feet I guess..) on a pair of velvet booties, but I do have my eye on a few I've seen online.  Along with the increasing popularity of velvet, we've seen it in many new and interesting colors too!  Bright blue, burgundy, gray, even purple.  Just last week I saw someone rocking some leopard print velvet boots on Instagram, and let me tell you, she was slaying in them!!!

If you're a 90s kid at heart, and remember your crushed velvet leggings, or velvet dresses, you need to hop this bandwagon because it really is so much fun! I always love playing around with different textures and fabrics, and this is by far one of my new favorites. 

With the changing of seasons, velvet is perfectly cozy and warm and I am all for it! 

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